Fake News, Cyber Bullying and Hate Speech on Social Media : What is it and how do we deal with it?

The internet and social media, as excellent mechanisms to enable and facilitate democratic engagement, knowledge for all and businesses to thrive, in the wrong hands or misuse can also be instruments for propagation of extremism and violence, political manipulations, spread of false information to discredit or cause physical or psychological harm to other individuals and groups. A lot of citizens and societies or national economies, today around the globe, are threatened by the effects of Fake News, Cyber Bullying and Hate Speech.

Social Media Platforms serve as fertile grounds for Fake News and Hate Speech consumption and sharing, and perpetration of Cyber Bullying meant to discredit or harm specific people or groups. This is made possible by the various Algorithms within the Social Media networks that seem to enhance the Fake News phenomenon on Social Media by creating false accounts that spread misleading or erroneous information or propaganda.

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