The DG NIALS Prof M T LADAN On Tuesday 4th July, delivered an Opening Remark at The Convergence Forum for Young Lawmakers in Nigeria

The DG NIALS Prof M T Ladan on Tuesday 4th July delivered at the Abuja continental hotel an opening remark at the convergence forum for young lawmakers in Nigeria. Prof Ladan underscored the need for the young legislators to learn humbly and fast their 4 critical roles as:

1. Policy agenda setters for policy debates on matters relating to legislating for good governance, socio-economic security and welfare of all people,
2. As law & policy reformers to abolish corrupt practices and abuse of power and legislate for sustainable development, national integration and prosperity of all.
3. As monitors and evaluators of the level of implementation of budget appropriation and exercise of delegated power to the executive for subsidiary legislations etc.
4. Initiatives for reducing wastages and inefficiency in governance including lawmaking. Because section 14(2)(b) of the 1999 constitution provides for the primary purpose of government: to promote the security and welfare of all people in Nigeria.