NIALS Hybrid Webinar on Creative Economy Law and Policy

In his opening remark at the just concluded NIALS hybrid webinar on Creative economy Law and Policy, the DG of the NIALS Prof Ladan underscored the fact that legislative, policy and institutional reforms of outdated and weak protective regimes of creative products ( like films, music, art, books, fashion, computer games and software apps etc) are urgently needed for 4 reasons: to further stimulate creative industry for economic sustainability ;job creation for our youths and women ; diversify our economy away from over dependence on oil ; and to close gaps in policy leadership, creative sector infrastructural development, financing of MSMEs and digitization of the Creative economy for sustainable development.

This approach is supported by the UN designation of the year 2021 as the International Year of the Creative Economy having realized its valuable contributions to both national and global economies: a 985 billion dollars economy by 2023 and a 5 billion dollar worth industry in Nigeria by 2023.