The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, 2011 was enacted to promote transparency and access to information by members of the public and other interested persons. This training offers participants the opportunity of understanding the scope and application of the Act, its exceptions and procedures for accessing information. Find expected training modules below:

Litigation challenges on FOI Issues; Proactive Disclosures: Creative Methods; Requests for Information and Steps to Response; Balancing the Public Interest to Disclose or Not; Exemptions Scheme under the FOI Act; Whistle Blower Protection and the FOI; Official Secrets and Classification of Official Records; Institutional and Reporting Requirements and so on.



The online training course on Assets Forfeiture is designed to cover the practice and procedures relating to seizure and forfeiture of proceeds of crime. Expected modules to be covered in the training course are as follows:

Statutory Regime Regulating Forfeiture and Management of Proceeds of Crime in Nigeria; Forfeiture of the Proceeds of Crime: Human Rights Perspective; Typology of Predicate Crimes under Nigeria Law; Anti-money Laundering Compliance and Tracing of Assets; Defending an Asset Forfeiture Claim; Asset Recovery and Requests for Mutual Legal Assistance; Drafting Indictments in Money Laundering Cases; Enforcing  Forfeiture and Confiscation Orders.



Welcome. The Legal Writing Skills training course guides participants on effective legal communication skills especially for legal officers and practitioners. It consists of 8 modules covering - An Introduction to Legal Writing and Logical Reasoning; Legal Academic Writing; Components of Effective Communication Skills; Writing Legal Opinion / Advice; Drafting Legal Processes (Demand Notices, Summons, Affidavits and Brief Writing); Business Report Writing and lots more.
Learning in each module is enhanced with interactive quizzes, tests and a written assessment. A pilot clip on Legal Writing is accessible for purposes of feedback and evaluation. After viewing the clip please let us have your feedback. Thank you.

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The course on Legislative Drafting gives deep insight into the rules and practices of the law making process specifically, the drafting of laws. Modules expected to be covered in each course are as follows:

Constitutional Considerations in Legislative Drafting, Rules and Regulations in Legislative Drafting, Amendments, Drafting Delegated Legislation, the Role of Draftsman in Law Making Process, Planning and Structuring Tax Legislation, and Research Skills for the Legislative Draftsman.