I arrived the beautiful city of Geneva, Switzerland en route Amsterdam, Netherlands on Sunday 3rd July, 2016. The sheer beauty, serenity and tidiness of Geneva remains a sight to behold; hence its accolade as one of the most beautiful (yet expensive!) cities in the world.

The International Law Seminar (ILS) commenced on Monday 4th July 2016 at the prestigious United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The selection of 22 ILS participants was particular, and representative of the following countries – Mexico, Czech Republic, China, Singapore, Colombia, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Myanmar, Cameroun, Vietnam, Nigeria, Cuba, Cote D’Ivoire, Russia, Botswana, Ethiopia, South Korea, Thailand, Slovenia and Colombia. I was the only representative from Nigeria at the Seminar.

The activity selected to pioneer the Centre for Comparative Law in Africa's (CCLA) capacity-building engagement under the TY Danjuma Fund is the training of junior Law academics in research skills. The first of these training events is scheduled for September 2016 and will cover a selection of researchers from the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of Lagos Campus) P.M. B. 12820 Lagos, Nigeria Email:
Tel: (+234)8103192313

Supreme Court of Nigeria Complex
Three Arms Zone Central District Abuja.
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