By Chukwuemeka Castro Nwabuzor,

Research Fellow, NIALS

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As a general rule, persons  in the Armed Forces enjoy the same constitutional rights as civilian, except for those protections and rights which the history and text of the Constitution specifically deny them. A serviceman becomes subject to military law, but he also remains bound by the ordinary civil and criminal law. This is simply what is termed in military parlance as the doctrine of compact of “compact” or burden associated with the military. While some may say that the serviceman, by this doctrine, is governed by two system of law, this is hardly correct as military law is part of the ordinary law of the land.

Fighting corruption has more than ever before, become a global concern. Corruption is a serious crime that undermines economic development; political stability; the rule of law; social development; disrupts social order and destroys public trust in the governance system. [See National Anti-corruption Strategy (2017-2021)

By Lilian Uche, Research Fellow, NIALS

Euthanasia has been one of the highly controversial and volatile subjects in many climes due to human sentiments, moral/ ethical, religious and legal issues surrounding it. Quite understandably, any subject relating to the creation, continuation, preservation and termination of life is naturally bound to throw up a rich dust of overflowing social, economic, religious, ethical, and legal perspectives.

Globally, millions of people each year come face to face with criminal justice system because they are suspected or accused of crime. Many are arrested and detained at police station or other law enforcement facility. Some are released while significant proportions are held in custody pending determination of guilt or innocence and unfortunately some are lost in the system.

The seminar on Governance structure of Not-For-Profit Organisations was held on the 26th of October 2017 at the Board room of the Yar’adua centre. The Guest speaker for the Event was Mr Joshua Mintz, The vice president and Chief Legal Counsel of the Mac Arthur Foundation.