Insider trading, no doubt is an economic problem ravaging the Nigerian market. It is therefore not surprising that the financial sector had to go through the process of mergers and acquisition mandated by the Central Bank of Nigeria as one of the corrective measures. Insider trading coupled with weak corporate governance was cited as the major factor crippling this sector.

Climate change remains a major challenge as increases in emissions of associated carbon dioxide (CO2) (a key greenhouse gas) are the main cause of global warming. Most future growth from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is expected to come from developing countries because of their rapid economic development and expansion of energy-intensive industries. Hence, one of the most viable technologies available to mitigate these GHG emissions from large scale fossil fuel usage is CO2 capture and storage (CCS). CCS can be referred to as an approach to mitigating climate change via the process of capturing CO2 emissions from large point sources such as power plants, compressing it into a dense fluid, transporting it (usually by pipeline) and storing it securely in geological formations, on land or under the seabed.

The Government has a duty to protect its people from any form of harm to human health through the use and purchase of items to meet daily needs. In light of this, the Nigerian Consumer Protection Council (CPC), whose aim is to protect and enhance consumers’ interest through information, education and enforcement of appropriate standards for goods and services was established by Act No. 66 of 1992. The Council however commenced operations in 1999, with its main functions encapsulated in section 2 of the CPC Act.

The Director of Research Prof Peter Akper (SAN) takes a first bite of the apple by kick starting the staff seminar series. He will be discussing “ Socials License to operate: An Examination of Community Development Agreements Under the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Acts of 2007” To access the 2016 Staff Seminar Schedule (Lagos,click here and Abuja, click here)