The Outcome of the  collaborative initiative between NIALS and CCLA-University

of Cape town supported by The T.Y DANJUMA FUND FOR LAW AND POLICY DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA was showcased at a conference, titled “Ending Africa’s Energy Deficit and the Law. Achieving sustainable Energy for All in Africa” held on Friday 8 December 2017 at the Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos to commemorate the 80th birthday of Rtd. Gen. TY Danjuma GCON.

In her opening remarks one of the lead researchers Assoc. Professor Ada Ordor of CCLA noted that the endowment has sprouted a continuous research methodology seminar where The Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies has been a major beneficiary. She further noted that the Conference was to present the book project on energy deficit with a sense of accomplishment.

The welcome address was taken by Prof Adedeji Adekunle (SAN), the Director General of NIALS who remarked that the research collaboration was unique in terms of the partners and its focus on law and policy development.

Prof Yinka Omorogbe, the Lead investigator and Hon A-G of Edo State made a presentation on the publication  - which was the research output. She chronicled the central theme and sub themes that the publication discussed noting that the centrality of the Law to development issues is undeniable. She observed that Energy challenges touch on the issue of development and countries that are catching up on these challenges are moving on.

In his remarks Gen. TY Danjuma GCON noted law has an important role to play in the enhancement of energy. Life without modern energy will be difficult as modern energy makes a huge difference in the life of everybody. He further remarked that in selecting NIALS and CCLA as the primary beneficiaries of the endowment he was making a deliberate choice that he has never regretted. In appreciating the organizers of the conference he stated that although his birthday is the 9th of December, the partner institutions  agreed to hold the conference to coincide with his birthday.

The keynote address was given by Prof Hugh Corder (The Deputy Vice- Chancellor and Former Dean of Law University of Cape Town.